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There aren’t many professionals here, or any where for that matter…

There is a lack of information and transparency or guidance given to the general public about how we can stop the spread of the virus and of how to protect ourselves, and our families.

There is just- Me, right here, in front of you…

I am very big on research, and being informed especially when it comes to the health and safety of myself and my family.

I wasn’t able to find a single source of how to even go grocery shopping with the Coronavirus out there. I wasn’t able to find proper advice or tips and tricks to survive with the Coronavirus pandemic.

So to help my friends and family, and to help put some food on the table, I created this site. I do the research, put it simply and concisely for viewing and earn a dollar until I can find a job that cares about me even in the down times.

So, this is all that is needed about me. What I learn, I post and share.

Hope you read and learn, because this virus is not a joke.

Stay safe everyone!

To inform as many people as I possibly can about how to live with the Coronavirus.

My goal is to reach 1,000 people. If that happens, my goal will become to reach 2,000 and so on and so forth.

Share the site with your family and friends if you can.

The goal is to act as a single go-to for information on tips or advice to do everyday things. How do you go grocery shopping with the Coronavirus out? How do you open the mail? What are you supposed to do to your shoes because of the Coronavirus?

No one is saying these things on the news and quite frankly they won’t because they themselves haven’t read the research findings themselves. They don’t have time to sit there and read facts, they just wants views and paid ads.

I am now, unfortunately unemployed.
I have nothing better to do then research and post details on the Coronavirus. You want tips on the Coronavirus? I’m right here.